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Is Pornhub Safe | The Ultimate Guide to Safe Browsing [2021]

Last updated: Jan. 01, 2021

There is no denying that Pornhub is one of the most visited porn sites. In detail, the jaw-dropping digits explain its popularity.

A Pornhub report indicates that the Pornhub site sees more than 11% traffic spike worldwide during the COVID-19 self-isolation period in 2020. The Pornhub official website shows that it receives over 100 million visits in a typical day, and the number soared to 130 million during the quarantine period.

That being said, though, security is the top concern for those who habitually visit Pornhub.

If you are wondering whether Pornhub is safe or not, this guide will help you out.

Safety is what I will cover in this article.

Let’s dive right in!

Part 1. How Safe Is Pornhub?

When it comes to viruses, adult content is the most vulnerable to virus attacks. Norton Symantec once released the top 100 dirtiest sites on the web, and half of them on the list have adult content. In other words, porn sites will most likely attack your computer with viruses.

Then, how about Pornhub, one of the world’s top porn sites?

Is Pornhub safe?

Next, I will answer the question from two aspects.

Move on!

1) Malware, Ransomware & Trojans

Back in 2017, Pornhub users were tricked into installing a malicious virus called Kovter. The virus attacked users’ devices in the disguise of the Google Chrome update. As a result, those users that responded to the fake prompt got their computers intruded, and the virus used it to click on fraudulent ds to make a profit. If the ad fraud malware targeted ransomware and stealing information, the virus infection would have been a catastrophe.

For frequent Pornhub users, the memories are still fresh.

Generally speaking, porn sites do not host malware. However, they make a profit from advertisements. Gif banner ads and interstitials are typical examples. The problem is, some of the ads are malvertisements, also known as malware advertisements. If you click on a malicious ad, you will get your system infected with malware.

More often than not, cybercriminals prey on porn sites to spy on users and blackmail them because adult content viewers are less likely to report the infection.

They would claim that they have accessed the screen and webcam while the user was browsing some porn site. The cybercriminals want to make a deal with the user, asking him for a price for the secret, usually by Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, there are some tips for avoiding malware and viruses while you’re browsing Pornhub.

1. Don’t click on ads.

2. Don’t download anything from the porn site or pop-ups.

3. Don’t buy service from third parties.

4. Cover the webcam while you are browsing a porn site.

It’s good to be cautious, and you can also take measures to check whether the porn site is trustworthy.

Firstly, install reliable anti-virus software.

Secondly, use Google Safe Browsing to check whether the adult site is safe.

Thirdly, check whether a padlock icon is displayed on the address bar. The lock icon in a web browser means that the communications between browser and web server are encrypted.

2) Privacy

As is stated clearly in the Privacy Policies, Pornhub uses Cookies, tracking technologies, and direct interactions to collect your data, including but not limited to email, text, and other communications between you and Pornhub.

When you download from Pornhub, the information about the downloads are collected, including the specific porn and how many videos you download. Such information is part of Pornhub’s annual user behavior report. To be precise, the view counts and downloads they’ve traced reflect which porn genre is the most popular, or what is the most interesting to Pornhub visitors.

In terms of registration, personal data Pornhub collects are different between unregistered users and registered users. See below:

Unregistered users:

– IP address, browser type, location, and operating system

– User-submitted data, for example, a contest or survey

– Usage data such as how you use Pornhub, products, and services

Registered users:

– Personal identity data such as name, age, and gender

– Contact information such as an address, phone number, and email

– Payment card details in case of purchases

– All the data above for unregistered users

It sounds like a lot. Please feel assured to browse Pornhub because the data are only used when allowed by law.

In case of payments, all credit card transactions and such are processed with encryption. It’s nothing to worry about financial data leakage or disclosure.

Browsing history is another privacy issue you have to worry about, especially if you live with your parents. Therefore, it is advisable to access Pornhub in incognito mode.

If you’re still concerned about other people spying on your browsing, look into using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. The encrypted connection ensures online privacy and anonymity by preventing unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic.

Part 2. How to Browse Pornhub Safely?

Visiting Pornhub using a web browser is an established usage. However, it is not the optimal way.

In this section, I’d like to recommend a one-stop video downloader that enables you to explore Pornhub safely and discreetly.

The video downloader is available on Android, Windows, and macOS. As I’m using my Windows computer, I will cover the detailed steps on Windows.

6Buses Video Downloader

  • Access Pornhub with a browser
  • Stream Pornhub tracelessly
  • Download porn in HD
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X 10.9+
  • Android

Secure Download

Step 1. Visit Pornhub

As I mentioned above, you have quick access to Pornhub. Go to the adult site by clicking on Sites.

Browse Pornhub with 6Buses video downloader

After you are on the Sites page, choose Pornhub from the Adult category.

Supported porn sites of 6Buses

Then, the URL of the official Pornhub website appears in the built-in browser. It means you’re now visiting Pornhub, precisely the same you do on a real web browser. Use the search field to find your favorite porn.

Is Pornhub safe

Step 2. Download Pornhub

Once you’ve found the porn you prefer, you can see a green button hang at the lower right corner.

How safe is Pornhub

When you hover over the button, a text reading “fast download button” will show up. Click on the fast download button, and you will have several MP4 resolution options. What you should do is select a standard resolution option and click on the Download button below.

Pornhub download with 6Buses

Amazingly, the video downloader leaves no trace of your browsing history at all. Besides, your searches and downloads are anonymous because it requires no registration. When you’re using the video downloader program, people around you are probably unaware that you’re browsing Pornhub.

Final Words

I hope that my answers to the question “Is Pornhub safe” really help you.

How do you like the video downloader?

Is there any other concern about Pornhub?

Please leave us a message below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pornhub safe to use?

Pornhub is a safe porn site to use. The famous porn site has blocked malware and values users' privacy. Please feel free to enjoy porn videos on Pornhub. If you are still worried, you should download porn videos and enjoy them offline. 6Buses Video Downloader is the best solution. You can search for porn videos by typing a few words and download multiple videos at once. It is available on PC, Mac, and Android.

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