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πŸ’— Jerkmate Review: What is Jerkmate? Is Jerkmate Free?

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

Jerkmate is a webcam streaming porn site filled with girls for you to browse. There are many platforms where girls can use cam sites to show off all their β€œassets.”

What I love about the cam site is the opportunity to have a more intimate and honest time with the person behind the camera, wherewith other porn videos, the content tends to feel very staged.

But is Jerkmate free? Is Jerkmate legit? How does it work? I am sure you are wondering about these questions.

In this article, we will look into the legitimacy of this site, and we will review the Jerkmate site so that you know if it is worth your time.

Now, check the thorough Jerkmate reviews.

Part 1. What is Jerkmate?


Jerkmate is remarkably similar to a social media platform. Just think of it as an adult social media platform. You can interact and give gifts to a cam girl or guy of your choice. Jerkmate is a great adult interactive site with many options.

The site offers over 2,000 models to choose from, and you can find and favourite the model of your choice. In addition, each model has a profile with some sexy information and pictures to learn more details about them.

Although Jerkmate is a free website, you need to create an account to watch live cam shows. When entering the site, you can see about 20-30 seconds of a live cam before Jerkmate asks you to create an account.

Once you have created your free account, you can interact and chat with the models. Besides, you can view many free cams, but some of them are private, meaning you would need to pay in Jerkmate coins to view these private shows. You can buy these coins at 1 dollar each to use in cam-2-cam.

You can also use the Jerkmate coins to make the models you are watching do things and control them, like turning on vibrators.


You can create an account for free and new users will be gifted 3 gold tokens.

You can use the site for free sex chats.

Jerkmate uses Paypal, which means your CC information is safe.

Jerkmate has a bot called Jerky that helps you personalize your experience.

Website support is great and has quick replies.

You can select the main features of the type of model you are looking to find. You can search for different characteristics like red hair, skinny, BBW, and race, etc.

No advertisements appear all over the site.


Most one-on-one private shows will cost you.

You would sadly have to use coins to have control over the models.

Your favourite models might not always be online.

The models earn less than 50% of the amount that you pay for the coins. For example, you pay $1, and a model will only make $0.35 per coin received.

You need to create an account to watch any live shows.

  • Many different categories
  • Cam 2 cam option.
  • Custom search via look preference.
  • Buy content from girls you are following on the site.
  • Different langue options.

Part 2. Jerkmate Review

Jerkmate helps you find a jerk mate, someone for you to masturbate to or along with. This website is easy to navigate. Exploring the different cam girls on this site is so relaxing that I almost forgot why I was visiting the website.

When entering the website, one of the first things they ask is, what are you looking for? Male or female company? Along with the choice of which sex you are interested in, the list of characteristics continues. You have the choice of hair colour, ethnicity, and body type. There are millions of people in the world with different preferences, the options to select only to see cam models that have your preferred looks are great.

Cam 2 cam is also available on Jerkmate, which means if you would like the model you are interacting with to see you, you have that option. This option allows you to have a more intimate experience with the cam model. What makes cam so exciting is the fact that you are conversing with these models. They pay attention to you.

Once you have found a model you have a liking to, you can view their profile. They give details about themselves, turn-ons and offs, photos, measurements, and body features on the profile. You also have access to a chat option on this page that is sadly only available for use by account holders.

You can also purchase content from models you are interested in from their store.

Jerkmate also gives you the option to change your language, which means if English is not your first language, you can use the preferred language of your choice.

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How does Jerkmate work?

If you are interested in watching live cam models, I’m sure you have read different Jerkmate reviews. Getting different perspectives before investing your money in a website is smart.

You can create an account on Jerkmate using your Google account. It is 100% free and extremely easy. Once your account is set up, you can purchase gold coins using Paypal or your debit/credit card.

These gold coins allow you to participate in more exclusive cam streams and even private cam 2 cam streams. You can also leave comments and chat with cam models from around the globe.

You, as a user, can also filter out the models you do not enjoy watching and find specific models that you are interested in viewing.

Is Jerkmate free?

Yes, creating an account is 100% free, and you are even able to partake in live cam streams without paying any coins. When creating an account, you need to give payment information, but no deduction is made without your permission. To view more discreet live streams, you will have to buy coins.

Is Jerkmate safe and legit?

Jerkmate has received high praise from different users. However, when using any website, you should always be careful of scams. Once you start making payments on a site like Jerkmate, there is no refund for coins you have purchased.

Jerkmate has a registered domain name a year in advance, and they have a valid SSL certificate. These are good signs of validation.

The domain is three years old and has an Alexa rank of 3132. So, it is safe to say that Jerkmate is a safe and reliable website to use when your interest is watching cam models.

There are also no annoying pop-ups that can redirect you to a website infected with viruses or malicious malware.

Final Thoughts

When using an online website, being cautious is never a bad idea. Unfortunately, there are many dangers on the internet from malicious malware and CC information that leaks. You can never be too careful.

After reading through this Jerkmate review, which part do you think is the most useful? Do you know how Jerkmate works and its legitimacy? Have you learned how to save Jerkmate videos?

Jerkmate gives more than one payment option, and Paypal is the safest option to use.

This website has many different categories and a variety of sexy models to choose from. If you have a liking to live cam shows, Jerkmate deserves a visit from you. On the other hand, if you plan to spend your money on cam girls, look no further. Jerkmate can find you a mate to jerk alongside you.

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