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XVideos vs. Pornhub: Which Porn Site Is Better? [2023]

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

There are thousands of porn sites available on the internet, so it is no surprise that some of these websites are very similar. For example, Chaturbate is a lot like Jerkmate, and XVideos is a lot like Pornhub.

Finding porn sites alike is very common, as most porn sites have the same goal. Releasing porn videos for thousands of smut lovers to download and watch on their website.

In this article, we discuss XVideos and Pornhub. We take a look into their content, updates, and what extras they offer that might make them more popular than the others.

But exactly how similar are these two websites? We look at all the similarities between these two fantastic porn sites and what sets them apart from each other during this feature.

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Part 1. What is XVideos?

XVideos is one of the leading porn sites in the industry, and they feature over 9 million porn videos on their site.

Not only is XVideos a free porn site, but it also has countless categories to suit all individual preferences.

XVideos releases new and exciting content daily, allowing millions of users to have fresh content to browse.

XVideos also offers a premium subscription to users who would like access to more exclusive and sought-after content.

Membership also allows you to browse ad-free, making it a safer environment for active porn watchers.

Part 2. What is Pornhub?

Pornhub is the most popular free porn site on the internet, with millions of daily users who enjoy the thousands of free porn videos on the website.

With Pornhub, you gain access to free HD content from all the major porn studios and get tons of free videos from amateur porn stars who post their homemade clips on there as well.

Pornhub also offers a premium version that gives you unrestricted access to the site along with exclusive content from many porn studios.

Pornhub releases hot new videos daily and updates all the categories with fresh content regularly. So it is understandable that Pornhub is the most popular porn site on the internet.

No one can talk about porn without thinking about Pornhub.

Part 3. XVideos vs. Pornhub

Even though Pornhub and XVideos are so similar, having a list that gives you all the different features side by side gives you a clear view of what makes them different.

This part of the article is the real reason why you are here, so let’s get started.

Let’s first look at their similarities.


Regarding content, both sites have an equal number of categories, and both upload fresh content daily. Both of these websites aim to have daily updates with new content for users to enjoy. They both feature HD videos and high-quality amateur porn. Sometimes you can find the exact same video on both websites. Especially when it comes to amateur videos, many girls upload their videos to different sites to gain more of a following.


Both sites have an excellent navigation system. They both allow you to navigate through the website by browsing categories. If you still don’t find what you are looking for in their detailed category list, you can do a refined search by typing different keywords related to the content you are interested in.

Though they share many similarities, there are a few differences. These differences could significantly impact which website you decide to use but could not affect you in any way.


When it comes to categories, both websites offer everything you could be looking for. From the glorious MILF categories to full VR porn videos, they also offer full HD content from major porn studios. In addition, both sites aim to please their millions of visitors by uploading smut that suits every taste. This includes countless trans porn videos and videos for the LGBTQ+ community.


Sadly, just like with most free websites, there are adverts. For example, both porn sites have adverts along the side of the screen. Although most of these ads are not invasive when watching videos, they pose a security risk for free users and can be very annoying.

Now that we have looked at all the similarities, here are the differences between these two incredible websites.

Website design

How the sites look is the most significant difference between the two. Pornhub has a dark theme with little icons, XVideos has larger thumbnails and shows more videos per page than Pornhub. But, of course, we all know Pornhub’s icon, where I never remember what the icon for XVideos looks like, which means that Pornhub might win this round in the design department.

Premium options

Both XVideos and Pornhub offer a premium membership, but Pornhub provides more amenities than XVideos. Pornhub’s premium version is easy to navigate and offers members exclusive content from the Pornhub studios they have partnered with.

XVideos only offers you an ad-free experience with exclusive content from other users. This means that the same amateurs posting on XVideos are probably posting on Pornhub too, so having a subscription to Pornhub premium gives you more options and exciting exclusive content.

The number of videos on the page

Pornhub does have significantly less content than XVideos on their site. XVideos has over 10 million videos on its website, and Pornhub has less than 4 million. It is a big deal if you are someone who loves to browse free videos. Having a slight difference in the number of videos available is okay, but these two sights have over 5 million differences in videos available on their site.

Part 4. Download XVideos & Pornhub Videos

Now that you’ve known the similarities and differences of these two porn websites, you might be wondering about downloading videos for offline use.

6Buses video downloader is a powerful tool that lets you download HD videos from xHamster and Pornhub. It also supports 800+ websites. Moreover, it features a batch search and download option, allowing you to find and download multiple videos at once.

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Wrapping Up

After thoroughly looking into these two sites, I can’t tell you which website is superior. However, I can give you the satisfaction of knowing that both websites offer practically the same free content.

Both websites are so similar and only have minor differences that do not matter. I mean, who cares about a porn website’s design anyway?

The only difference that might affect you is if you decide to start a premium account with one of the websites, and for that, I would suggest Pornhub!

Are there any similarities or differences that I have missed?

Which of these websites is your favorite?

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