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What is xHamster? Is xHamster Safe? Handy Tips to Keep Safe

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

There are thousands of hot porn sites on the internet, but none come close to xHamster. xHamster is a porn site full of hardcore, high-quality porn videos, the best part about this site is that it is free!

xHamster has been around for years and has left me with some questions about safety. With any free website, keeping safe while browsing is an important thing to consider. After being left with questions like “is xHamster a safe site?” I decided to take a look.

In this feature, we look into a few safety tips to keep in mind when using this porn site and precisely what xHamster is. Let’s dive in.

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Part 1. What is xHamster?

Thousands of people have been asking what xHamster is, and no, it is not a website full of hamsters.

xHamster is an adult website that features a variety of different types of pornographic videos. xHamster was founded in 2007 and has accumulated over 30 million daily users visiting the site. This video platform allows users to stream thousands of hot porn videos for free. What we love about xHamster is the vast collection of categories.

There is a video that can suit anyone’s personal preference and caters to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

xHamster has dedicated itself to bringing you some of the hottest videos from professional porn studios for free, and you can even find excellent amateur content on here as well.

xHamster has been known for the hardcore sex videos and is a proclaimed hub for users who love good fetish porn.

This site also offers memberships to users looking for more exclusive content.

We love that xHamster runs smoothly as a free site without many setbacks and provides you with a gold membership for as little as $19.99.

You can buy exclusive videos by paying for them with the website’s currency tokens.

Part 2. Is xHamster Safe?

Porn sites are an easy target for cybercriminals. They try to get a hold of your information to extort you or infect your device with viruses and malware.

Where xHamster might be safe to browse casually, there are certain risks to keep in mind. For example, free porn sites tend to use advertisements to keep their website up and running, and some of these re-direct you to another site that could contain harmful malware or viruses.

“Is xHamster safe?” – in short, yes.

xHamster is a safe site to browse, but that doesn’t mean you should not take any precautions.

Part 3. How to Keep Safe While Browsing xHamster?

Although xHamster is a relatively safe website to browse and even download from, ensuring your device and personal information are secure is essential.

Because there are so many dangers on the internet, like corrupted websites and files containing viruses, I have created a list of the top 5 ways to keep you safe while downloading and browsing from xHamster. We should not be asking if xHamster is a safe site. Instead, ask how you can keep yourself safe while browsing the internet.

1. Use 6Buses Video Downloader

Using a trusted video downloader, you are not susceptible to an advertisement that re-direct you to a web page containing malicious malware or viruses. The 6buses video downloader gives you access to hundreds of trusted websites with their in-application browser. You don’t even need to leave the app to make HD downloads from all your favorite websites. In addition, by using the 6Buses Pro video downloader, you can access all your favorite videos for offline use.

Download xHamster with 6Buses video downloader

Not only does this application keep you safe, but it gives you access to a video downloader with the following features.

6Buses Video Downloader
  • Download HD videos
  • Download many files in one go
  • Save videos from 800+ sites
  • for Windows 11/10/8/7
  • for macOS 10.13+
  • Android

Secure Download

2. Use good antivirus software

Setting up antivirus software on your device can help you block unwanted downloads from unverified sources. Most antivirus software also takes it as far as scanning the documents of files you already have on your device for viruses or malware.

Although, many people tend to look for free and easy antivirus software, which can result in the opposite outcome. Buy a suitable antivirus or download free options from verified and trusted sources.

3. Use incognito mode

Normal browsing saves cookie information and browser history. Incognito mode effectively keeps your history secure and stores no cookies. Incognito mode allows you to explore porn sites privately on your laptop that other members of your family might use.

By not storing cookie information and not saving your browsing history, incognito mode not only keeps you safe but your family members as well. If you have children who use your device, rest assured that they will be safe from seeing unsolicited videos and images.

4. Use a VPN

If you ever want to be 100% sure no one knows what type of stuff you are browsing on the internet, downloading a trusted VPN should be your first move. A VPN is so secure that even your service provider cannot see what you are watching. A VPN creates a secure server that you browse on when it is active, and once turned off, you jump back to the original server you have always used.

5. Do not click on ads or unknown links

One of the best things for you to remember when browsing sites with hundreds of pop-up adverts is to not click on the advertisement. I know some of these can be very tempting, but all adverts pose a potential risk. Although most websites try to verify their advertisements to protect their users, this is not always possible and can still create a pathway for viruses and malware onto your device.

Even though most viruses go unnoticeable, you might not detect a change in the device you are using. Unfortunately, over time a build-up of malware and viruses can cause your device to slow down significantly and eventually crash.

This is something you want to avoid. These safety measures are not just to protect your credit card information but also to protect all your devices.

Final Thoughts

After all my research, I can say that xHamster is a premium site for free. They have thousands of high-quality videos to browse for no cost.

For a free website, I can say that they try to keep their site safe for their millions of users.

But by taking precautions, like using the 6Buses video downloader, you keep the risk factor at a minimum. In addition, by using some of these safety tips, you keep your online presence safe and private.

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