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ThePornDude Review: Things You’d Know Before Using ThePornDude

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

When it comes to dudes who know about porn, the writer of ThePornDude knows what he is talking about.

Have you ever looked for non-biased reviews of some of your favorite adult websites? Have you ever wondered if that strange fetish you have, has a category on some porn site on the dark web?

We all have urges that we want to please, ThePornDude understands the importance of finding quality content.

This time, we analyzed theporndude.com to better know the porn aggregator, like its porn categories and ThePornDude alternatives. So you are going to know the important things about ThePornDude.

Now, it’s time to share what we have discovered.

Part 1. What is ThePornDude?


ThePornDude is an honest, explicit website reviewer. He has taken the responsibility upon himself to watch and review some of the dark webs’ most crazy and erotic content. ThePornDude has over 3,200 reviews of all your best quality and lets you know whose quality is not up to par. Reviews are not the only content found on his website. On this site, you will get recommendations on where to find different types of pornographic content. From where to find the best hentai porn to where you can find erotic computer games. ThePornDude reviews all sorts of classifications of erotic media.

Since ThePornDude started in 2013, he has over 61 million readers who visit his website daily, along with over 200,000 Twitter followers. ThePornDude reviews different styles of pornographic material, which he then gives a detailed description of what type of erotic fantasy the video will contain. What does this really mean for you as a user? It means you won’t need to stop halfway during a stream because you realized this video is not exactly the type of erotic material you love.

▶ Pros

Over 60 categories

ThePornDude has numerous reviews of different websites. So the chance of not finding something that suits your taste is slim.

No ads

Websites have countless advertisements, with ThePornDude, there are no pop-up advertisements. Ads open doors, so malicious malware is something users need to be very aware of when exploring the internet. The fact that there are no ads on his website gives me the comfort in knowing I will not accidentally succumb to clickbait.

Discounts on premium sites

When exploring this website, you will not only get information and details about these adult sites, but ThePornDude also has discount coupon codes offers for some premium websites. At the bottom of website reviews, you can sign up using your email address, and ThePornDude will send you coupon codes and keep you updated with upcoming promotions. Who doesn’t love a good discount?

Hall of fame category

The hall of fame category is where ThePornDude has made a list of all the site that does not meet his requirements. Unfortunately, some of these sites are filled with so many ads, making it nearly impossible to surf.

▶ Cons

There are not many cons to ThePornDude website. However, for a guy that reviews porn, he has quite a professional website, your experience on the site would be quite helpful and enjoyable.

Very strong visuals

The website is very busy. With the initial entry to the website, I thought the whole website was an advert. I didn’t realize that the list in front of me was indeed articles I could read.

Strong language

As long as constant swearing does not bother you, this would probably not be a con. The way ThePornDude talks about women, particularly married women, can seem sexist and sometimes offensive. The grammar of the writer tends to lack in certain aspects, but where ThePornDude lacks in grammar, he certainly makes up for it in content. Who visits ThePornDude to check out grammar and punctuation anyway?

Part 2. ThePornDude Categories

Top Premium Porn Sites

You will find links and information on the top premium porn sites that ThePornDude has reviewed in this category. If you are a fan that wants to support the adult entertainment industry, this category gives you the best in the industry. These sites have a paywall, which means you will need to pay to get that crystal clear 4K video. But you get to enjoy the content while you support your favorite pornstars in the process.

Free Cam Girl Porn Sites

Have you ever been interested in those cam girls in the Pornhub advertisements? Most of these sites do offer free options, but we all know the stuff you want to see you would need to pay for. In this category, ThePornDude explores the many free cam girl video sites that still give you the same high quality and personalization as the others.

Hentai Porn Sites

When it comes to porn, there is no right or wrong fetish. If you have a thing for the cute anime character from that show you are watching, hentai might be the category you would be interested in.

ASMR Porn Sites

Sometimes just watching your favorite video can be boring. So why wouldn’t you want to hear a sultry voice telling you exactly what dirty things they want to do to you? Audio porn has become very popular with the current generation. Even YouTube has over 10 million ASMR videos. Want to know where to find those juicy and dirty ASMR videos? ThePornDude has already done the research for you. Here you can find the links to the best erotic ASMR videos.

Escort Sites

Being lonely is very common, for this very reason, ThePornDude has compiled a well-researched list of the best sites in the business. Want company on your lonely upcoming holiday? I suggest you read about the different escort sites in this category.

Best VPN Sites

Anonymity, I am sure most of us would like to remain anonymous when watching porn. I mean, you would not exactly want your boss to find out about the scat porn you have been watching? Virtual Private Network creates a private portal for you to watch all your favorite videos at your discretion. All your internet traffic will be encrypted and therefore will remain private.

These are just some of the categories available on ThePornDude. He certainly covers a lot more content than what I have mentioned. Over 60 different categories to explore on this website, you will never get bored.

Part 3. ThePornDude Alternatives

The porn industry is unlimited, with so much content out there ThePornDude cannot possibly review every erotic video out there. Like most porn websites, there are alternatives to ThePornDude that review porn with the same content. It’s not exclusive to this website.

I’m sure you are wondering if there are more sites like ThePornDude out there, I have compiled the following list to give you different sites to check out.

Here are 7 similar sites like ThePornDude.

The Lord of Porn

The self-proclaimed Lord of Porn website started in 2015. Now with over 6,000 reviews on different adult websites, The Lord of Porn has strived to give detailed reviews from a user’s perspective. They are also an RTA safe label website to help parents keep their children safe while browsing the web.


This website has compiled an average rating from all major porn review sites. This all-in-one place is great for users who don’t have the time to read detailed reviews from sites like ThePornDude. SelfLoversWorld offers an overall out of 10 ratings for content. Quick and easy.

Porn Sites of 6Buses

The Porn Sites page is a specialty of the 6Buses website. Unlike other sites like ThePornDude, the porn aggregator has dedicated and in-depth reviews on porn sites. You will find useful information about most porn sites you would like to visit.


On Steezylist you will find an extensive list of sites that have high-quality porn. Every category, with various sites. Although they have no descriptions or reviews, they have categorized links to high-quality content-filled websites. It’s not the same as ThePornDude but similar. They both have given you a guide to where to find that high-quality porn you are looking for.

Porn Inspector

With almost 7,000 porn reviews, Porn Inspector has over 40,000 subscribers that visit the website frequently. Porn inspectors have a very basic website and easy-to-follow prompts, which makes this a fun and quick research tool to use. They have 9 inspectors that are constantly on the lookout for new videos to review. Like ThePornDude, they offer discounts to popular porn websites, exclusively to the surfers of Porn Inspector.

Mr. Pinks

With the eye-catching pink details of this website, it’s hard to miss when looking for a porn review website. Most of the sites reviewed by Mr. Pinks are premium, so making sure you read reviews on these sites is important. In addition, you need to know what you are paying for. Mr. Pinks website is well designed with minimal to none flash advertisements. Sadly, they use percentage ratings and not user ratings. Their porn network category lets you explore the content before investing your hard-earned money. Once you have paid, you cannot get a refund, so the option to explore first is great.

My Gay Sites

Believe it or not, ThePornDude doesn’t just have his original website but a spin-off of the website, specifically for the gay community. When it comes to gay porn, ThePornDude felt it was necessary to create a website just for his gay readers. The website layouts are similar to ThePornDude itself but only offering reviews on gay porn. What is great about the My Gay Sites is the option to exclusively explore male-on-male content. Very few sites have been found that only share gay site reviews, which makes this one unique.

Bonus: Download Videos from Porn Sites

With all these amazing sites reviewing adult content on the web, finding an all-time favorite is a big possibility. But what happens when your internet is down, and you are not able to reach a site to enjoy some of your top choices? With 6Buses professional video downloaded,r you will view all your favorites on repeat, even when your internet connection is unstable.

With such an accessible program available on Mac, Windows, and Android.

Here are some features this program contains:

6Buses Video Downloader
  • Download from over 1,000+ sites
  • Enjoy full HD videos while offline
  • Download multiple videos in one go
  • Quick download button
  • for Windows 11/10/8/7
  • for macOS 10.13+
  • Android

Secure Download


ThePornDude has so much content looking elsewhere is not necessary. When it comes to discovering what type of porn makes your temperature rise, ThePornDude has all the categories you would want.

With several alternatives to ThePornDude, it is certainly up to which website is easier for you to navigate, whose writing style suits you, and what type of content you’re interested in. ThePornDude has more obscure fetish site reviews than most. However, the chances of finding exactly what you are interested in watching are certain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThePornDude?

ThePornDude is a porn website reviewer. On his website, you will find out where to find high-quality X-rated content worth spending your time on.

Are there alternatives to ThePornDude?

Yes, there are many alternatives to ThePornDude, such as The Lord of Porn, Mr. Pinks, SelfLoversWorld, etc. Among the sites like ThePornDude, the Porn Sites of 6Buses is the only website that offers porn site reviews and porn download services.

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