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nHentai Review & Sites Like nHentai – Things Youโ€™d Know ๐Ÿ’“

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

When looking for pornography for very specific fetishes, like bestiality, normal porn sites might not be the best fit. You can find many different sexually pleasing websites when entering the Internet’s dark side, but nothing gets as freaky as hentai porn.

Hentai pornography has become one of the most popular pornography searches on the Internet. With over 42 billion searches on Pornhub alone. Hentai pornography shows highly exaggerated sexual acts and beings. For many, Hentai is the only place where they can find pornography that fits their fetish. For many people in todayโ€™s world, pornography is an escape from reality.

During this article, we will review the website nHentai and ask questions like “is nHentai safe?’ While also looking into alternative websites you could use aside from nHentai.

Part 1. What is nHentai?

nHentai logo

The word Hentai originated in Japan and is short for hentai seiyoku. Hentai seiyoku means โ€œperverse sexual desire.” Being interested in Hentai does not necessarily mean you have a perverse sexual desire, but many of the content featured with hentai pornographic websites depict depraved acts.

The sexual acts exploited on hentai pornography websites often involve young child-like girls with enormous breasts and animals with tentacles.

Controlling sexual desires is quite impossible, so finding websites that give you sexual gratification while controlling the urge for your sexual needs is great.

Hentai porn is overflowing with a lot of vanilla porn as well. Not all hentai pornography is graphic and perverse. Hentai porn is the only place where you can find any explicit content.

nHentai started in 2014 and has gained a lot of popularity because they have free content. This website also offers content in your preferred language and the original Japanese language, which has caused this website to be internationally known. Theporndude has also rated this website with five thumbs-ups which is the highest rating you can receive from Theporndude.

Many popular websites that offer the same content as nHentai have a paywall, where nHentai features their content for free. nHentai hosts hentai and doujinshi manga content, so you will not find video content on this website. These great explicit works of art are free to users of the website. On this website, you will also find some anime sex games. These games are a great way to have a more real-life experience.

Part 2. Is nHentai Safe?

Just like exploring any other website on the Internet, nHentai has its dangers. For example, many games on nHentai redirect you to another webpage. In addition, nHentai has minimal to no advertisements. However, the websites you end up on might have adverts with malicious malware.

Here I’ve made a list of a few tips you can use when exploring nHentai. You can use these tips to stay safe while exploring.


Many scammers use email addresses found on porn website servers to mass email to try and scam people out of their money. They would, for example, say that they have video footage of you reading your dirty little manga. Ignore these emails, and do not pay these scammers.

Use a VPN

Using a virtual private network allows you to explore the Internet privately without anybody accessing your device or your history. In addition, the VPN creates a pathway for you to hide your identity when exploring explicit websites.

Keep antivirus software up to date.

Keeping your antivirus software up to date allows that your device is always protected against new upcoming viruses found on some of these websites. Of course, not all websites have viruses, and most websites are dedicating themselves to keeping the websites safe for users. But for extra precaution, antivirus software is always a good plan.

Do not click on adverts.

By clicking on adverts on these websites open you up to a whole mountain of viruses or malware. Furthermore, these websites are not from trusted sources which means they can be harmful to the device you are using. I know it is tempting but try avoiding these advertisements.

Do not give your credit card information.

I’m sure you think this is probably an obvious one, but many people get confused and might not think properly in certain situations. So always keep your private card information safe and do not give them out to anybody. You can only feel good about giving out this information when using a trusted website with a secure paywall.

MyWOT considers this hentai website as a safe website to explore for anyone over the age of 18. However, this website is not secure for children, as is the nature of the content found on this site.

With nHentai being a free website, I found myself asking is nHentai legal?

nHentai does not pay any amount to the artists whose content they use on their website. So sadly, this free website breaks the law and does not give the artists what they deserve.

Part 3. Sites Like nHentai

With nHentai having legality issues, you will never know if the site will always be there. It’s just a matter of time before Fakku makes a legal move on nHentai like they did with Hentai Haven. When this happens, nHentai will be down. Fakku had a legal altercation with Hentai Haven that causes the site to be shut down until they became legal by paying the artists for using their content.

But don’t worry, I have compiled a list of the top five websites like nHentai. So when you find yourself looking for alternatives, here are a few.

1. Tsumino

Tsumino has high-quality free doujin manga content for you to explore. This site has made a point of keeping the content up to date with new releases. This website also has a community forum where you can discuss all the hot content that gets your blood boiling. The community has other readers that give you comfort in knowing that there are just as many kinky people like you. You are also able to join the Tsumino team and become an uploader. There is also a chat option that you can connect to via Discord.

2. Hentai2Read

Since starting in 2011, Hentai2Read has now reached over 20 million readers per month. The website is easy to navigate and, in a way, reminds me of Discord. The navigation of this website is so easy since its design is so neat and efficient. This website also offers games on their website that make for an even more interactive experience. In addition, they have English-translated content, which makes it more enjoyable if you don’t read or understand Japanese. Hentai2Read also has a tab that shows reading material based on overall community ranking. This way, you find more high-quality material to read.

3. Hentaifox

HentaiFox is full of content aimed at expert Hentai readers, and if you’re a beginner, this website might not be the best fit for you. But, on the other hand, the content is free and as obscure as it comes. This site features over 50,000 high-resolution comic scans available for your pleasure. These comics are available in black and white or color. It all depends on your preference. Easy access from your mobile, HentaiFox is a website that deserves hours of your time. You are even able to rate content without having to become a member. There is a community forum, but from what I can tell, they are not very active. So if you are looking for conversation with like-minded people, this website might not be for you.

4. Simply Hentai

Simply Hentai is a website that should be on your โ€œWhat if nHentai is down?โ€ list. Loads of free content all in one place and all categories you could want to find. Simply Hentai has over 100 updates to its content list daily. These updates mean having free access to constantly updated manga. Simply Hentai is very thorough when it comes to categorizing its content. You find the tab named after the type of material you are interested in, and under every tab, there are 100s of manga content to read. When exploring, you can find a series of manga that all have stories that follow each other. Whatโ€™s good about this is that you can continue reading from your favorite artist. Not only do they offer great doujin material, but pornographic GIFs. You can also find specific GIFs in the search bar.

5. IMHentai

IMHentai is worth a visit, filled with crazy, kinky content. Completely free, and this website has no adverts on its content. The only ads found are banner adverts. This website has an amazing sorting feature to decide how you want the content to appear. This website has over 100,000 dirty comics for you to page through and find the one best suited for your needs. IMHentai is also one of the few websites that host lolita porn. Lolita porn is illegal in many countries, making IMHentai a sought-after website.

Final Thoughts

Websites like these can be truly amazing when it comes to exploring your sexual interests. There is no limit when it comes to hentai porn. You can use hentai porn to sharpen your mind when exploring sexual desires and give you a new perspective on different preferences. These websites are truly terrific to explore. So easy to use and completely free, you will not be disappointed when using these websites.

What are you waiting for? Explore!

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