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Is XVideos Safe to Use? Here’s How to Avoid Viruses πŸ›‘οΈ

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

One of the main questions users have when exploring adult websites is, is XVideos safe?

Unfortunately, technology has become so advanced that the internet is full of cybercriminals trying to access your personal information through adult websites.

This article will explore the safety of the XVideos website and some precautions you can take to protect yourself.

Part 1. What is XVideos?

XVideos is an erotic adult content website filled with some of the best pornographic videos in the industry. The XVideos website is easy to navigate and has an eye-catching yet simple layout.

In addition, I love that there are a few different languages you can choose to view the website.

In June 2020, XVideos became the 8th most visited site globally, with Pornhub taking the number one spot on this list.

The website is registered with the company WGCZ holding. WGCZ holding also owns the infamous site called Bangbros. After being on the internet since 2007, XVideos has become one of the busiest adult sites on the dark web.

This website is extremely popular, with up to 50 billion website visits per month. The popularity comes from the unique opportunity to upload your content to the site and the videos uploaded by the website XVideos itself.

To upload your content, you would need to create an account and become a member of XVideos.

Once an account has been completed, you can upload content and create your own favorites list. In addition, you can create a profile for yourself and make friends online with like-minded users of this website. You can even have private chats with other members on this website.

Other than a great social aspect, the website also has an enormous collection of erotic videos. One of the best parts about this website is that they use your location and show porn by country.

Who knew your country could be a category?

Saucy categories like fisting, cumshot, redhead, and content specifically for your location. You can select whatever type of content you are interested in, straight, gay, or trans. It’s all about what the user’s guilty pleasure is.

On this website, you can explore different sexual fantasies you might feel too shy to do in real life, with great sex games and cam girls for a more realistic experience.

This website is completely free, which means you can access all these delicious videos without paying. However, they have the XVideos RED tab, which consists of private videos that members can only view. But becoming a member is super easy. You only need an email address.

Part 2. Is XVideos Safe?

In short, no websites will ever be completely safe to browse – especially websites like XVideos. Like most free porn sites, XVideos relies on advertisements to keep the website running.

XVideos strive to keep a safe environment for the users of the page. Although, XVideos does not always have control over the pages you are redirected to once clicking on a pop-up advertisement.

Websites with pornographic content have become where hackers upload malicious malware that can harm your device and personal information.

So, what type of risks are there on sites like XVideos?


Most viruses contracted on websites like XVideos are quite harmless but slow down the device you are using. With a security risk being exceptionally low on the list of problems with viruses like the Trojan virus, they mostly affect the speed of your device significantly.


If you have clicked on certain adverts on some adult websites, you might have noticed your device is full of spam content. This content can even appear when you are not browsing XVideos, making it rather uncomfortable if your mother borrows your device and an advert for a kinky sex game pop on the screen. For this to happen, the virus embeds itself into your device, and getting rid of this isn’t very easy if you do not know about computers.

Spyware and Malware

Spyware is what hackers use to get your personal information, email address, bank details, even things like your personal documents. These cybercriminals can use your browsing history to extort money from you. Additionally, these criminals claim to have video footage of you while exploring adult websites and threaten to release them to family and friends if you do not pay a certain amount.

These risks are factors for almost any adult website, especially websites with less of a known domain. These pornographic websites need to make money, and having advertisers run adverts on their busy websites is the best way to keep these sites free and earn an income from them.

Many of these adult websites have people that monitor the ads and remove malicious advertisements. Some slip through the cracks.

Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself when exploring:

Use Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software

When exploring adult sites, you need to be cautious of third-party content, advertisements. With all these risks out there, the only way to ensure safe browsing is with a good anti-malware application.

Just like in real life, you need protection from cyber activity. Having an up-to-date and active anti-virus and anti-malware application is the only thing that can give you peace of mind when exploring websites with potential viruses and malware.

Use a VPN

When it comes to protecting your identity, the best thing to use is a good VPN. A virtual private network gives you anonymity by taking a public network and creating a private one within. This private network allows you to mask your IP address, keep your information safe, hide your browsing habits, and keep your confidential information secure.

Use a Safe Video Downloader to Download XVideos

When downloading videos from XVideos, the best thing to do to keep you and your device safe from potentially harmful content is to use an application to download your videos.

Downloading videos also gives less risk to adware, as you will not need to visit the site to watch your favorite video. The content will also always be available to you offline. Avoid downloading directly from these websites, and use another application to make the download through.

6Buses video downloader gives you access to over 800+ adult websites. In addition, you can peacefully explore your porn site with the in-application browser.

6Buses video downloader pro

Here are some of the features available on the 6Buses video downloader.

6Buses Video Downloader
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  • Save HD videos for offline use
  • Fast download button
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Secure Download

You can use this video downloader to download all the sexy content from XVideos you wish. Having all these saucy videos for offline use comes in handy. Even when you have an unstable internet connection, you can still access all the downloaded content.


So, is XVideos safe?

With a vast collection of content, XVideos is a site that aims to please every sexual fantasy you could have. But, just like in many situations, with the right protection, XVideos can be browsed safely.

By avoiding temptation, and not clicking on adverts can keep you and your device safe. XVideos is not safe, but only because of the malicious malware embedded in the adverts. If you use the right protection and refrain from clicking on advertisements, you can stay safe while exploring.

My suggestion would be to use the 6Buses video downloader to download your content. By doing this, you stand less chance of accidentally clicking on an advert and exposing yourself to dangerous malware and spyware.

6Buses Video Downloader
  • No ads, no malware
  • Enjoy HD videos offline
  • Download from 800+ sites
  • for Windows 11/10/8/7
  • for macOS 10.13+
  • Android

Secure Download

Happy streaming.

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