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Ara Ara Meaning: All You Want to Know About Ara Ara Meme

Last updated: Jun. 07, 2023

If you watch hentai for the first time or are a light user of anime hentai, you will probably be curious about the Ara Ara meme.

What does Ara Ara mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, Ara Ara (あら あら) means “my my, oh me,” “Oh my, oh dear.” It originates from Japanese anime and is often used by elderly females to hint about their sexual intentions towards a younger male.

In fact, there’s more to it. The story behind the buzzword is more attractive than Ara Ara meaning itself.

So, let me run you through the origins of Ara Ara.

It makes sense because only after you are clear about Ara Ara meaning and origins can you know how to use the Ara Ara meme properly.

Let’s move on!

Part 1. Origins of Ara Ara

There are two versions of the origins.

Version 1

Ara Ara originates from the Japanese manga and anime series Love Hina. Ara Ara meme was often used by the Mutsumi Otohime, a sweet and scatter-brained female character of Love Hina.

Version 2

Ara Ara was first used by Alicia Florence, a character from the 54-episode anime TV series Aria in 2005. As Prima, Alicia is the most popular undine known for her graceful style. Featuring an optimistic and righteous personality, she likes to enjoy everything. However, she often ridicules her childhood Akira and causes Akira’s annoyance. In the anime series, Alicia often uses the phrase, Ara Ara.

Check the dialogues between Alicia and her friend Akira below:

  • Akira: Ara, how unusual.
  • Alicia: It’s been a while, Akira-chan
  • Akira: Alicia, why are you here?
  • Aika: Because this is Aria Company
  • Akira: We are leaving, Aika. If you stay here, “Ara Ara” will rub off on you.
  • Alicia: Ara Ara.
  • Akira: If you have something to say to me, I’ll listen.
  • Aika: What don’t you like? That over-confident of yours.
  • Akira: There’s no other senior as kind and nice as me around.
  • Aika: Sure, there is… Like Alicia-san, Alicia-san, Alicia-san, Alicia-san, or Alicia…
  • Akira: Be quiet, shut up!
  • Alicia: Ara Ara Ara.
  • Akira: Your “Ara Ara” is annoying, too.
  • Aika: Don’t let other employees stay over like it’s okay!
  • Alicia: Ara Ara.
  • Akira: There it is… with that unique seductive smile of yours. You always take all the good bits! You’ve always been like that! When your childhood friend, me, said she’d become an undine… you copied me. We swore we’d become Primas together. But you got promoted to Prima first!
  • Alicia: Ara Ara.
  • Akira: And your skin is whiter than mine. You can eat more than me and not put on weight.
  • Alicia: Ara Ara Ara.
  • Akira: “Ara Ara” is not allowed, and giggles are not allowed. Both are not allowed!
  • Alicia: Ara Ara.
  • Akira: Not allowed! Not allowed!
  • Alicia: Ara Ara. Ara Ara!

When Akira expresses her jealousy and complains about the promotion, Alicia shows calmness with something of indifference. In that circumstance, Alicia has nothing to respond to but “Ara Ara.” Another possibility is that she tries to appease Akira’s anger with the phrase.

Enter “Ara Ara Aria” in the search field of YouTube, and you can see some interesting comments on the search results. For example, a YouTube user says it is “the original Ara Ara,” while another user says “Ara Ara for Alicia.” It seems that Alicia has become the spokesperson of the Ara Ara meme.

If you are worried that the uploader may remove the Ara Ara video someday, you can download the video to your device.

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See the steps in the picture below.

Ara Ara from Aria

Part 2. Ara Ara Meaning

Initially, there’s no relationship between Ara Ara and sexual innuendo.

So, how did Ara Ara evolve into a sex-related catchphrase?

In 2008, a 4chan member used Ara Ara to describe the five types of females. See the comments below:

Is she any of the following?

1. Loli-imouto type (little sister)

2. Domineering Onee-san type (elder sister)

3. Motherly Ara Ara type (someone who says Ara Ara a lot)

4. Rich Ojou-sama type (rich young lady)

5. Big-titted clutz type (clumsy woman with big breasts)

In later years, Ara Ara was widely spread among anime communities. The funny thing is that Ara Ara is considered a flirtation. It implies sexual harassment by an older woman. It’s not hard to imagine that an older woman hints about her sexual desire with an underage boy! For instance, a woman asks a neighboring boy on a train: “Ara Ara, are you alone? Do you mind joining me for a drink?”

With more and more forum posts and tweets involving Ara Ara, it went viral in 2010 and became a buzzword associated with shotacon (ショタコン), a genre of hentai.

So far, the Ara Ara meme has become an acknowledged term that implies a woman’s sexual intentions towards a younger male, usually underage.

Wrapping Up

You’ve learned the origins of the Ara Ara meme and Ara Ara meaning.

Are the origins convincing?

Or do you have other versions?

Whether you are a hentai enthusiast, it’s necessary to know Ara Ara meaning so that you can use it in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ara Ara mean?

Ara Ara is a Japanese slang meaning “oh my, oh me,” “oh my, oh no.” In Japanese anime, Ara Ara is usually used by older females to express their interest about younger males in a suggestive or flirty way

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