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10 Hilarious Lesbian Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2023

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

At a time, the only way to connect with family and friends far away was through the mail and phone calls, but today it is just a tweet away.

But that is not the only thing you can do with Twitter.

You can follow accounts that suit your personality, including accounts for the LGBTQ+ community.

There are many different lesbian Twitter accounts that you can follow. Some accounts aim to bring you kinky porn, and others that brighten up your day.

We look at 10 hilarious lesbian Twitter accounts to follow in this feature, so let us dive in.

10 Hilarious Lesbian Twitter Accounts

After a long day or even during a tough day at work, sometimes we need to sit back and have a laugh. These accounts are bound to make you feel happier and will give you a fresh mindset with their funny tweets.

Many Twitter accounts post jokes, but how many of these accounts share lesbian jokes that are not offensive. I mean, don’t we deserve the same exclusive lesbian accounts as there are for straight users.

After exploring Twitter lesbian pages, I found the 10 best accounts to follow in 2022. These accounts are updated regularly and give users a constant flow of positive atmosphere on their feeds.


Ms. Grace is a queer queen who loves sharing hilarious quotes and jokes. When it comes to famous lesbian comedians, Grace deserves more recognition for her talent. You can also find many posts from other stellar comedians on her Twitter. All of them might not be lesbian but still, share decent content. In the end, Grace constantly gives you fresh content to browse and deserves a follow.


If you love Twitter lesbian porn, this account is about to be on your top 10 favorites list. Natasha loves sharing her kinky images and videos, as well as sharing her take on lesbian comedy. Being a lesbian gives her an insight into the community that straight people don’t have, making her jokes even more hilarious.


Although Jordan’s account is mainly a lesbian porn Twitter page, you will see a few hilarious memes between her raunchy posts. Jordan is married but still loves sharing lesbian content that makes her pussy wet. For a good mix of kinky porn and comedy, Jordan’s Twitter account is one of the best to follow. Receive hot porn and funny jokes daily by following this excellent Twitter account.


Sally is a mum and lesbian activist. This person has decided to dedicate her life to changing lives. With being a published author, she has gained popularity online. She is also a curator for TED, but mainly she calls herself human. Owning up to past mistakes and taking challenging situations turn them into life lessons.


Gigi Engle is an award-winning author and a certified sex educator. As she is currently training to become a therapist, she spends a lot of her day on her Twitter account, sharing hilarious tweets. Her jokes are mostly about sex and sex positions, making learning about sexual exploits fun and light.


This account loves to share lesbian thoughts, just like it states in the bio. You can find lesbian movie recommendations with memes from lesbian scenes in TV shows on this account. You can also find a few re-tweets of hilarious lesbian jokes that will have you wanting more. Following this Asian beauty will open the door to hundreds of other lesbian accounts that she re-tweets content from.


This account follows a powerful lesbian who loves documenting her life. Along with seeing bits of her life, you can find news about politics, TV shows, and she will update you about her company Autowin. She also likes to share her hilarious takes on lesbian sex, including her experiences with past lovers.


This is the ultimate lesbian comedy Twitter account, with a pinned post explaining that this account is for lesbian users only. This account is bound to become a favorite among all lesbians. We love that this account strives to create a community for lesbians only. There are hundreds of accounts only for straight people, and it is about time there is a lesbian-only meme page.


This account belongs to a writer named Sophie, and she loves sharing pieces she has written. Sophie is an activist for the LGBTQ+ community and shares news of what is happening in the world involving gay and lesbian politics. She writes Weiser books and writes informative pieces about sex, love, drugs, and glamour. She also tends to share relatable memes that will have you laughing out loud.


This hilarious Twitter account shares memes daily about the lives of lesbians in a heterosexual world. Honestly, the mind behind this account is impressive, and we love her sense of humor and how transparent she is with her follower despite how society frowns down on her. You will be rolling on the floor once you have read a few of her quotes and memes.

Final Thoughts

From lesbian sex Twitter accounts with some significant comic relief, these ten accounts are bound to keep you busy for hours.

But what about the video content you want to save? 6Buses offers a videos downloader that gives you access to over 800+ websites to download videos from.

The in-application browser of the video downloader makes it easy and fun to download videos from Twitter on your Windows, Android, or Mac device. To find out more or download this fantastic application, install the video downloader today.

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Are there any hilarious lesbian Twitter accounts that I have missed?

Which of these accounts is your favorite?

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