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10 Steamy Gay Twitter Accounts to Turn Yourself On

Last updated: Jun. 09, 2023

Twitter has a vast collection of users. The LGBTQ+ community on Twitter is no different. In addition, Twitter has hundreds of users apart of the queer community ready to share their thoughts and news about what is going on in the rest of the world regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

Twitter has millions of gay Twitter accounts that can be fun to follow. Users can share jokes, information about gay bars or pride events, and some accounts that share Twitter gay porn worldwide.

But which of these accounts are worth following?

This article looks at the different types of gay Twitter accounts. Furthermore, I will give you the usernames of all the best gay Twitter accounts you have to follow.

Part 1. Types of Gay Twitter Accounts

There are many different gay Twitter accounts on this social media giant, but what exactly are these different types of accounts?

Before giving you the list of all the gay Twitter pages to follow, let’s look at the different types of accounts we can find.

1. Gay Porn Accounts

These accounts are usually filled with hot pictures, videos, and GIFs. This is the type of hot gay Twitter account you follow with another account and not the same one that your friends and family are on. Once you follow some of these kinky accounts, you can have full access to some sexy gay porn pictures, videos, and GIFs.

2. Comedy Accounts

These accounts share jokes and funny videos. They aim to brighten your day with humor. Who doesn’t love a hottie with a great sense of humor? Following comedians lets, you know where you can see live shows, and you can see bits of their shows on their profile through videos they share.

3. Famous Accounts

These gay Twitter accounts belong to famous actors, singers, porn stars, and artists. Besides, these accounts are for fans who want to know more about their favorite gay celebrities. With Twitter, they can update us on their whereabouts and events that they are doing. We love how porn stars and actors share intimate details of their lives through tweets. On some Twitter gay profiles, you will even find a nude picture or two.

4. Bloggers

On bloggers’ accounts, you get updated when new content is posted to their blogs. In addition, bloggers tend to post recommendations and tips for everyday tasks. Bloggers tend to be the first to report on any big news in the community, so by following gay bloggers, you can be sure to find out all the recent information in the LGBTQ+ world.

5. Your Friends

Of course, following your friends is essential, especially if you would like to know what is happening in their lives. So what are they doing with their lives if they are not on Twitter? Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, and if Karen can figure out Facebook, I am pretty sure Twitter would be a breeze.

Now that we’ve classified the different types of gay Twitter accounts out there, let’s jump over to our list of all the best gay Twitter accounts.

Part 2. 10 Best Gay Twitter Accounts

I know this is the part of the article you have been waiting for, so here it is. The best gay Twitter accounts to follow in 2022.


Niel Patrick Harris is one of the most known actors in the industry. He played Barney on a TV show for years and was one of the most loved characters. Even though Niel played a straight guy on How I Met Your Mother, he is a proud gay man. He is married with his husband and has a child.


Tim Kruger from Germany has over a half-million followers on Twitter, and after checking out his page, I can see why. Tim is one of the hottest ginger porn stars. Besides, he has his website where he features the sexy toy boys he meets on his world travels. You can enjoy videos and photos of his sexual adventures while traveling on his Twitter page.


Not only is Peter a hot Asian porn star, but he also loves sharing pictures of his cock on his Twitter page. Peter strives to create a world where Asian gay men can be proud of who they are. Through sharing and doing porn, he helps break stereotypes that involve Asian gay men.


@oheypete loves sharing memes and jokes, but that is not the only thing he loves to share. You can find countless videos of him having casual sex with other gay hotties on his account. So if you love jokes and nudes, @oheypete is the account for you.


@heyjaeee is a black gay man that loves having his life online, with daily inspirational posts and pictures added to his feed. Not to mention, he is a hottie.


This Twitter gay account strives to supply the gay community with information. The account will update you on this Twitter page about the news and politics regarding the LGBTQ+ community, including all the latest gossip and trends. This is a lifestyle gay Twitter page that can also be seen as a mini-blog.


This Twitter feed follows a gay dad in New York. On his page, he talks about many different things. From adoption to healthy diet habits, we love seeing an older gay man empowering the younger generation with healthy lifestyle tips and showing people worldwide that it is possible to have a family no matter your sexual orientation. This blogger has influenced many lives with his advice and guidance.


Although Matheus is new to the industry, he does not disappoint when it comes to hot porn stars. This kinky hottie is featured in many of Tim Kruger’s videos on his website and recently made his porn debut.


Harry Hill is perfect for those days when you need a good laugh. Harry has a great sense of humor and shares it daily with his thousands of followers. Harry is the best account to follow with memes and jokes about random things, including Hannah Montana, when you need to brighten your day.


Paul is your average gay jock, hot and ready to share his hot selfies with the world. Paul is humorous and loves retweeting hilarious content while posting some kinky pictures on the side. Although he does not bother by sharing nudes, they are not something he posts every day.

Final Thoughts

These gay Twitter accounts will have you learn about your favorite gay celebrities while seeing juicy gossip.

In addition, you can find sexy videos you might want to save on many of these hot accounts. 6Buses offers a professional videos downloader that gives you access to 800+ websites. Using the in-app browser, you can keep all your favorite hot gay Twitter videos in no time.

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What are other gay stars that you love to follow? Which hot gay Twitter accounts did I miss?

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