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2 Simple Methods to Download XTube Videos in 2021 🍌

Last updated: Jan. 01, 2021

Like other pornographic video sites, XTube only allows you to upload and watch adult videos online.

So if you want to download XTube videos, you need a potent video downloader.

And I noticed that not a few XTube users are looking for solutions to XTube downloads.

That’s why I decided to share the solutions with you.

So without further ado, check out the 2 superb methods now.

Let’s get for it!

Part 1. XTube Download on Android

I am not a phubber, but I use my smartphone a lot.

And I believe most of you have the same habit.

Here, I would like to illustrate how to download XTube on my Android phone using a handy porn downloader app.

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Step 1. Search XTube within the Porn Downloader App

The cool thing is that the porn downloader app allows you to access and download XTube.

That means you don’t need to copy the XTube link using a mobile browser. Instead, the app itself has a built-in browser.

Let’s check it out.

Run the program. On top of the Homepage is the Discover section, which lists a few popular video sites.

Discover section of the XTube downloader

Enter any of them. After you’ve accessed the website, you can see an address bar at the upper part.

Tap on the address bar and change the URL to XTube.com. Tap on Go. There you go. You’re using the XTube official website.

Download XTube videos on Android

Search for your favourite video.

Step 2. Download XTube directly

AnyVid also features a smart Download button.

Once you’ve decided on the video, play it. See the Download button at the lower right corner? It is a shortcut key. It enables you to download the video immediately. You don’t need to copy the link and enter the link into the Homepage’s search box.

XTube Download with a quick button

Tap on the quick Download button, and you will have several quality options. Pick any of them to start the download.

Download Xtube on Android

After a while, head over to the Library>Video to check the downloaded video.

The porn downloader app also features a built-in media player. You can use it as a media player.

Part 2. Download XTube on Windows & macOS

Anyway, any app will occupy much of our phone’s memory space.

If you download XTube on your computer, it’s not a problem.

The porn downloader is also compatible with Windows and macOS systems.

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Secure Download

Let me explain how to download XTube on Windows.

Read on.

Step 1. Copy the URL from XTube

Well, you know the ropes. Copy the video URL from XTube.

Right-click on the video you’re going to download, choose “Copy Video URL.”

Copy XTube URL

Step 2. Look for Porn on XTube

Enter the video link you’ve copied from XTube in the search box. Then, click on the Search button for the result.

Download XTube on Windows

Step 3. Download from XTube

Click on More. Select either of the two options. Then, the downloading process begins.

Download XTube videos on Windows

Find the video in the Library >Video. You can play and manage videos there.

Try It Yourself!

Today I’ve covered the steps to download XTube on Android and Windows.

Which way do you prefer?

Do you have any better solutions?

6Buses Video Downloader

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Secure Download

Remember to drop me a line in the comments below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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