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Save Pornhub Videos: Save Pornhub on Android & iPhone

Last updated: Aug. 06, 2020

Mobile phones go far beyond communication nowadays. Multifarious mobile apps extend the functionality of mobile phones, and entertainment is the big hit. Almost all programs available on the web have their counterparts on smartphones.

Porn has also expanded its footprint to mobile devices. Pornhub, the leading porn site, has witnessed a plunge in its desktop traffic. The share of viewers on mobile hit nearly 80% in 2018. That shows that viewers prefer to watch Pornhub on mobile devices.

Streaming porn online is convenient, but the disadvantage is also prominent. That is, whether or not you can enjoy porn largely relies on an uninterrupted connection. However, the Internet connection is not available when you are out.

So, how about downloading porn? It makes sense!

Today, I will focus on how to save Pornhub videos on your Android and iPhone.

Let’s start!

Part 1. Save Pornhub Videos on Android

To save Pornhub videos, I would like to recommend a robust Pornhub downloader, a highly-functional porn downloader.

Any Video Downloader

  • Built-in browser and media player
  • Fast download
  • Access Pornhub directly
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X 10.9+
  • Android

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Before you go to the details, check what you can do with the exclusive features:

  • Have quick access to Pornhub
  • Save Pornhub videos with a shortcut button
  • Stream Pornhub
  • Enjoy downloaded porn with the built-in player

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Step 1. Explore Pornhub

I tried other Pornhub downloaders before and found it troublesome to use. I had to surf the Internet and copy the URL from a web browser first.

Impressively, the Pornhub downloader has cut through the roundabout. It makes it possible to visit Pornhub directly within the app itself.

Find Pornhub from the More Sites page. See the screenshot below.

Save Pornhub videos

Now you’ve accessed Pornhub. Search Pornhub by typing a search term in the search box. It will present you with a lot of related videos.

Step 2. Save Pornhub with a Button

Select the video you like, and you can see a round button below. It is a quick download button that allows you to save Pornhub directly.

Save Pornhub

Tap on the button. A popup window will ask you to choose a resolution. Choose an option by tapping on the Download button.

Pornhub save

Here you go! Head over to the Library>Video for the saved Pornhub video.

You can enjoy the Pornhub video within the app, without using a third-party video player.

Part 2. Save Pornhub on iPhone

It is a little more complicated to save from Pornhub on iPhone than that on Android. As the video downloader is not available on iPhone, you need Documents and a reliable online Pornhub downloader – 6Buses.

Documents is a powerful iOS file manager that allows you to download and manage files. Go to the App Store to get it. See the picture below, and make sure to install the right app.

Save Pornhub on iPhone

Step 1. Visit Pornhub on Documents

Navigate to Pornhub using the built-in browser. Tap the Compass icon at the lower right corner.

Save Pornhub videos with Documents

Then, enter “” in the address box. You will access the website straight away.

Save Pornhub on iPhone

Step 2. Search for Pornhub Videos

Find the Pornhub video that interests you. Tap on the address bar and choose “Copy” to copy the URL.

Save Pornhub on iPhone

Step 3. Save Pornhub with 6Buses

Head over to 6Buses in a new tab. Paste the URL in the search box and hit the Search button. The search result will appear immediately.

Save Pornhub videos with 6Buses

Last and most important, tap the Download button and select an option. Choose a file destination to save Pornhub video.

Pornhub save with 6Buses


Is my guide on how to save Pornhub videos explicit enough?

Give the tools a shot!

An extra surprise for you:

The video downloader is also compatible with Windows and macOS, while 6Buses works on both web and mobile browsers. In other words, you can save Pornhub on your computer using either the video downloader app or 6Buses.

If you are curious about how to save Pornhub video on Windows and online, please refer to my previously covered article: 3 Easy Ways to Download Pornhub Videos (Proven 2020).

Good luck!

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